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Fans and Big Fish

Past "Fan Letters of the Week"

Hi it is me again Catfish Cory. Thank you for making the best dip bait in the world. I was fishing in the Mississippi River. My friend was using 5 inch black bullheads. I was using your blood dip bait. He got the first cat. It was a 17 pound blue. Then he caught a 37 pound flathead. Right when I was going to change to bullheads WAM!! My line started making a noise so I grabed it out of rod holder. My friend said you've got nothin but a dang log. I said no I don't. I finally got that big ol channel up to the bank. That channel weighed 47 pounds. Wow!! I caught several more cats that night. Now my friend is hooked on your blood bait. I'll give you call next week when I get back to the Mississippi River!!

Catfish Cory

My friend and I were fishing in his pond. He was using 4 inch carps and goldfish from our local Walmart. I was using your shad dip bait. He caught the first one. It was blue. He caught it on a goldfish. The blue weighed 23 pounds 4 ounces. Right when he put the blue back in the pond BAM!!! there went my pole! I caught it right before it got into the water. I finaly got the catfish in. It was a flathead. It weighed 35 pounds. We ate him that night. We caught a whole bunch more of channel's and blue's. But we never caught a flathead again that night. The bad thing about catfishing in his pond is I always break my pole. I broke my new catfish pole that night. And my baitcasting reel got ripped off by a blue the next morning. That blue weighed 21 pounds. Well see ya later bye. I'll e-mail ya again next weekend.

Catfish Cory

Me and my friend were fishing in his pond. He was using crawlers and chunk baits. I was using your Blood dip bait. He said I wouldn't catch anything on that stuff. In about five minutes after I casted in my pole about fell out of my hands. I fought that boy for about 8 minutes. When I got him up to the bank and weighed it 15 pounds. It was a channel. The right when I casted back I got another hit it was 3 pound black bullhead. I caught several more that night. My friend caught 2 bullheads that weighed maybe 2 pounds. Your Blood dip bait is the best stuff I have ever used. Bye!


We have been using Cattracker with great results for Channels all summer. The weather is turning colder and they are biting better than ever.
However due to cold temps., the Cattracker has become stiff and is not easy to get on the worms. Do you recommend adding some liquid to it to soften it? Water or Oil?

Thanks, TJ Florian

Mark, Still using Junnie's with temps around the 35 degree range. We have been catching them on minnows mostly, but I had three poles set up for dipbait so when the channels started hitting fast and furious I threw out a couple with your bait on them and caught the largest of the cats caught that day. Some guys give me funny looks when they see me using your baits this late in the year. They seem to be under the impression that dipbaits and stinkbaits are only for the Spring. I made believers out of them quickly. Thanks again for the fun!!!

Kevin Anderson

Are the Tubie 2000's available to buy yet? I received a couple with my package order but due to a couple nice snags, they are no longer with me. I would like to purchase more. I can truly say the dip bait works great. A couple of days ago I was fishing on Lake Barkley KY. I was using night crawlers, chicken liver, minnows and your dip bait. I caught a couple pan size, one three pound blue and one 9 pound blue. All four of them hit on the dip bait (shad and pole snatcher) Thanks for an awesome product.

P.S. need those tubies.

Hey Mark,
Glad to write to you. You make the best bait I have ever used. One time while fishing in Utah Lake me and one of my friends went to the west bank of the lake and he didn't know that I had six of your 15 oz tubs. Each one of them was a different flavor. I had Pole Snatcher, Blood, Original, Sewer, Supreme Sewer, and Shad. He was using cut bait (sucker). When he asked what I was going to use I said stinkbait and he said, "Bullcrap you know that you won't get anything." Well I said right back to him, "Well we will see who has the last laugh." I knew without a doubt in my mind that stinkbait rules when you want to hook into some braggin' size cats. So we both cast into the water and I get the first bite and I miss him and so I turn to my friend and say "Well it lookes like you better go and buy some of this stinkbait before I start to whoop you," and he said that it was probably just a crawdad crawling over my line and I said, "Yeah right, guess again" and right after I said that my rod started taking for the depths. As I set the hook and the rod doubled over I said to him, "So is this a crawdad?" and he said, "No." I hauled in a 8 pound channel cat and caught two more that were even bigger and he caught one that barely weighed a pound. So thanks again for making such a great bait.

age 14
West Jordan, Utah

Just a few words thanking you for making such a good catfish bait. We used your cattracker sewer bait with captain brad and had a very good fishing trip. We kept 44 fish that weighted 137 pounds total and released around 20 more to grow up for the next trip. I even bought some to try in my favorite pond.
thanks again,


I purchased some of your dip baits and for me it was great to watch our grandkids catch cat fish one right after another in our little pond. You have a great product, I expect to use it often.

Bud Ferguson

Went fishing at a small lake called White River near here on Saturday night. We caught around 10 fish in about an hour or so. We got some good hits on the Polesnatcher, but had the best results with the shad bait. We were also using some punch bait we had and crawlers and fresh shad and perch. We caught quite a few on the fresh shad too. Just thought I would write and let you know how we did. The guy we went with said "Fishing with a plastic worm for catfish. No way!!" and boy was he surprised when the first fish we caught was on a stick tube with the shad dip bait. Thanks so much, Will let you know how we do next weekend.

PS: Thanks for the info. about double rigging, etc.

Hello Mark, just want to thank you for all your help, My customers are so pleased that they have all taken Junnie's Cat Tracker back home with them to try it on their home waters, I am sure they will call you for more bait soon, especially when they find out how while it works back home!
This is the best bait that I as a guide here on Santee Cooper Lakes have ever seen, there is nothing not even the natural bait here in our lakes, that will produce the numbers of fish caught per 8 hour trip. As you know when I first meet you and your father, I had a second business it was catching live natural bait fish and selling them to the fish camps here on Santee Cooper lakes, I never caught any type of bait fish that would produce the numbers of fish Junnie's Cat Tracker can and that is just plan facts. You have a superior product and proud to be a part of your Team. Here is a nice shot of fish caught on back to back days.

Thanks so much, Captain Brad, Captain Brad's Guide Service

Your cattracker polesnatcher dip really, really works, I just received your product Friday, July 14, 2000, and used it the same evening to got fishing. Not even 15 minutes after I had placed my line in the water, I got a bite and caught a 5 lb. channel catfish. Trust me, the name polesnatcher is a good one, because that catfish took a jerk on my pole and I snatched it in. Your product is great!

Roary A Dickerson...A satisfied customer.

Your bait works TOO good.
Okay tonight's the night I only use Cat Tracker. My friends are catchin' some perch and bass after an hour and laughing at me cause I have a big 0 and that weird smelly stuff isn't working. The sun is starting to go down so I cast my tubie 2000 close to the shore. Well now my other one is snagged and the line breaks so I go and get one of my friends lures 'cause the Cat Tracker isn't working. I start to reel the bass lure in. Next thing I hear my friend Steve say MIKE YOUR POLE! I turn around to see my $170 rod and reel combo go flying into the water, then I see it going down and out from shore. Oh shit I think, this Cat Tracker stuff does work, and it works too good. And guess what dip I was using? Pole Snatcher. Well that's a good name for the stuff. Now I gotta go buy another rod and reel, but at least I know I can catch giant cats without live bait, and easily. From now on when fishing for catfish with Junnies, I'm only fishing with one rod and I'm never gonna let it go. That sure was the one that got away. Now I'm lookin forward to next weekend to catch some big ones on junnies and I don't have to deal with buying bait! I never believed in stink baits, only natural stuff for cats and you made me a believer. Too bad it was a hard lesson to learn with $160 in the drink.

To Whom It May Concern,
I just recently purchased a tub of your Jojo's Pole Snatcher Catfish Pasty at my local Wal-Mart, and the first time I took it on a fishing trip i was hooked! I caught several nice sized channel cats and missed several more. I was fishing below the Racine Locks and Dam on the ohio river when this occurred. I fished this bait in a small lake where I havent had much luck with other baits {chicken liver, nightcrawlers, cut bait} and i caught fish after fish with this stuff! I haven't used any other of the many baits on your line but I will soon be purchasing some more.In other words THIS IS GREAT CATFISH BAIT! Please keep up the production of your wonderful bait and accessories and i will be a happy catfisherman. I have introuced this bait to my catfishing buddy and he loves it to. I hope to be writing to you again sometime soon telling you about my next catfishing trip.

Lee Plants
Age 14
Point Pleasant, WV

We received the order of Cattracker Bait on Friday. It was tried out on Saturday nite. On the very first cast, the sinker didn't even reach the bottom. Bang-off and running. We fought and reeled him in. The egg worm was hardly wet. Of course we kept up and one heck of a nite. Just wanted to say THANKS for a good product.

Milford Wood Shop
Lake Mills Wi.

Hi Mark,
I received my bucket of Catfish(well not yet)in the mail today as promised. Thank you for the fast delivery. This Jo Jo's Pole Snatcher is just that. I haven't lost any yet. But I have had to get wet. Thanks. No really. I had a client last Sunday and we did fairly well. 15 fish all day but conditions were really tough. But he was happy and learned some things. He called the next night after spending the day on the water himself. He spent the first 2 hours trying an assortment of natural baits with only a few short bites. He decided to use the Junnies CatTracker Pole Snatcher he picked up earlier that day at Zeiner's. He had his 10 fish limit in 20 minutes with 1 pole. Even releasing 2 larger fish. Thank you Mark for making my job a little easier and a catfisherman who only chased scales before.

Mike Cook
Four Lake Guides

Hey Mark,
My name is Tyler I am a avid fisherman. I go every day Iam awake. I bought your Cat Tracker special about a year ago and I'm about out of bait and you will hear from me to order more of your great bait. I live in northern Utah and I know that it is not a very good spot for catfish but we have many spots that will really blow your mind .

Keep that stinky stuff rollin',

Dear Sir:
I bought some sewer bait and wasn't sold on it. Went fishing Thursday and used your sewer bait alone and caught 21 channel cats from 2-8 lbs. within 3 hours. Now I like it. The only trouble I had was keeping the bait on the worm.

I've been using a cheese base dip bait for years and it's wonderful. Now I believe that your bait is just as good now.

Ed Atkins


I sent you a letter in November about a trip I took with Joe Drose and Glenn Hood, two of the best guides on Santee Cooper for cats. After I got home I got to thinking that well maybe it isn't the bait but the guides and their spots that really caught the fish. I then planned a trip back to fish Monday and Tuesday before thanksgiving by myself without the aide of a professional guide. I committed ahead of time to ONLY fishing with your dip bait and took nothing but your worms and a tub of sewer bait out with me. What a good choice.

I went out into the diversion canal about 7:30 am and just anchored in the middle and put out two poles and opened up a Dr. Pepper. I never got to take a drink of that Dr. Pepper until 10:15 am. I don't think I ever went three minutes without a bite. It was unbelievable! I would reel one in, throw it back and most times before I could even get it baited back up I would have one on the other rod. I quit counting at 37. I don't think I have had that much fun in years, and I did it all on MY OWN. It is one thing to have a professional guide help you catch a bunch of fish but it was even more satisfying to do it on my OWN.

On Tuesday I caught 12 fish the first 15 minutes. I never even laid the rod down. I even got a double with two good fish on at once about 10 am. I caught one shovelhead that weighed 12 pounds. He not only took the bait but swallowed the little plastic worn you have all way down. All I could see was a little bit of yellow plastic sticking out of his gullet.

I promise you this is all true and would be happy to take a lie detector test to prove it. I just wanted to thank all of you at Junnies's for making a bait like this that even I can go out and catch fish with and not have to buy a lot of expensive herring and such. I fished two days on one large tub. It doesn't take much I found out. I will tell everyone I know about your bait and can't wait to get back down there to try it again.

Joe Drose and Glenn Hood both swear by your baits and I can see why. I guess my wife put it in perspective best. Why would people who make their living and stake their reputations on their ability to produce fish on a regular basis ONLY carry ONE type of dip bait if it wasn't the best. If you haven't fished with these two you should schedule a trip out with them. They put you on the biggest catfish you have ever seen and are a lot of fun to fish with.

Thanks again for your products,
Steve Bingham
Simpsonville SC

I wanted to let you know that you have the best dip bait I have ever used. I've tried a lot of dip baits but last night when using your bait I caught so many fish that I didn't know what to do. Thanks for making such a great product! I'll be ordering more very soon.

Chris (Texas)

I can honestly say that in 30 some years of fishing I have never ever caught anything on a dip or stink bait. At least I could say that until I met Joe Drose and Glenn Hood. These two guides are always talking about how many fish they can catch using Junnies dip bait and how well it works. Frankly, I never believed them. I went out with Glenn one Monday in October and we fished in the canal at Santee Cooper with your sewer bait. Glenn was going to put out six poles but everytime he would get a couple out we would reel them back in. "THEY HAD FISH ON THEM!" I couldn't believe it. We caught fish all day long like that. We could hear on the 2 way radio the other guides calling around asking if anyone was catching anything and Captain Glenn and Joe Drose were the only ones we heard of catching anything that day. The wind was blowing about 20mph and the water was rough but the catfish simply tore up that dip bait. We caught them so fast that we set up an assembly line for getting the poles out. I would dip the little tube in the bait, hand it to Glenn and he would cast it. While we did this my best friend and my adoptive grandpa would reel in two poles. Glenn then took those off threw them in the cooler and by then I had the poles baited up. Even though we were paying to fish with Glenn we asked him if we could just go on back in about an hour and a half early. The three of us were exhausted. Captain Joe Drose was anchored just below us in the canal and was doing the same thing.

I will never again doubt that fish can be caught on dip baits, as long as they are the correct ones. I have tried them all and had a big box of them in my garage. I bought 4 tubs of cattracker and threw the box with all the others away. It works great on jugs also. We go to a small river here in our area and tie about 3 feet of line on an empty 2 liter bottle and let it float down the channel. The fun is in chasing the bottles in a rowboat.

If I had to sum up my feelings on Junnies Cattracker baits it would be, "I Believe, I Believe"!

Thank you, Steve Bingham
Simpsonville South Carolina

Over the past 5 years I have used several different brands of dip baits with fairly good luck on most, but since I placed an order and recieved 6 different blends, my luck has improved greatly. I have caught several channels over 8 lbs and one 10 lb in the last 2 months. (Sep & Oct 99) Most have came on "Pole Snatcher" and "Sewer Bait" but that's only because I have not even opened the others yet. My 11 year girl has become hooked on catfishing because of your products. Keep up the good "Mixing". I fish in mid-southern Indiana on the East Fork of White River.

Rob Parker
Mitchell, IN 47446

Employee says stink bait is worthless ( until now)
Fri, 22 Oct 1999
After he saw your web page and then showed it to me, he complained how stink baits never work and the only way to catch catfish was to use cut bait. I myself have used BJ dough bait quit often. So after he shows me several articles on this issue, not one article can say one is better than the other. This employee of mine fishes twice a week and catches 5-10 Lbs fish on almost every outing. Listening to him complain, I decided to purchase several of your baits. The day they came in through the mail I gave this employee the day off to go try it. We are in Kansas City, Missouri, it's the end of October and he goes to a small local pond. Using the Eggworms and your original bait, less than one minute he catches a three pound Channel Cat. Complaining that you can't catch the big ones, he baits up and tosses it out again. This time it is the mouth that said the wrong words. His pole bends straight down and the fight is on. Even in the 55 water this fish has no intention of being brought to shore. After several minutes of a great fight, he pulls in one of the biggest fish ever caught in this pond. A 7lb 8oz fish. Now he believes in your bait and forever will debate this issue he once had.

Pat Mongold

Dear Mark,
I received the Junnie special today. I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical about your bait but the emails from other buyers on your web page convinced me to give it a shot.

I went out to my father-in-law's channel catfish pond and set up my pole just like your directions say. I threw it out and in about 30 seconds or less I had a nice size cat!

I never rigged up another pole. One was enough. I would take turns with my 9 year old daughter reeling them in!

The first 3 catfish that we caught all bit in about 30 seconds after throwing out. We did not fish all that long and caught 10 cats in all and missed 3 or 4 (we we fishing with a single hook). Oh yea I was wearing my new CatTracker cap as well.

Normally I fish with worms in this pond and do fairly well, I tried dough baits with about zero success there but your bait did even better than the worms! I caught these fish on the pole snatcher and didnt even get to try the other 2 dip baits, I was too busy catching fish. I plan to fish another lake soon and give this dip bait a try there. Great bait! God bless!

P.S. The fire ants down in GA also love your bait.

Alex Dempsey

6 July 1999
Dear Mark
I've been fishing cat for nearly 40 years in this section of Iowa. For years, liver was the "bait of choice" in these parts. Several years ago, I stumbled into something better (if that was possible). While on a business trip to Dubuque, Iowa, I stopped by Cattracker (Junnie's) Bait Company in town. Now, I've never been much of a dip bait fan, but thought I'd give it a whirl.

I picked up a bunch of plastic worms, and several tubs of "Sewer Bait". The next day, a retired friend of mine and I headed for the river. Was I ever in for a suprise.

While my fishing partner has been at it for 60+ years, I've never been able to outffish him....not even once. This day was to prove itself a first.

While fishing the Middle Racoon River, located in west central Iowa, I out-caught my buddy (who was using liver) 15 to 1. No sooner had the bait struck the water, I would have one on. All the fish were nice eaters, ranging in length from 15-18 inches. There was no nibbling...just a run at 100 miles-per-hour. Sure converted my buddy fast. The only problem is that he has a weak stomach, and has to plug his nose when baiting up!!!!

Great stuff for those warm-water cat.

Mike Miller
Coon Rapids, IA

I got the box and couldn't hardly wait for the weekend. Saturday came and for convience and a chance to spend some quality time with my 3yr old son, we went to the nearest lake, a small power plant lake, unfortunatly this lake is known for very finicky channel cats. Well there were loads of fishermen and no one catching anything, until we got there. It was a challenge to keep up with the 2 rods. We caught lots of fish, only 3 were large enough to bring home but we had a blast. The only reason I brought these home is my son reeled them in, with me holding the rod and this was his first fishing experience that he understood what we were trying to do. Catfish are not regulated in NC so this lake is very stressed, so in the future I will be fishing else where due to my desire to "fill the freezer".

Mike Nichols
Asheville, NC


40 mi an hr. plus winds keep us ( my party ) from fishing either lake. We stayed in the canal an used your sewer bait on 4 rods and cut bait on 8 other rods, needles to say we caught all our catfish on the stink bait ( JUNNIES CATTRACKER, SEWER WITH CLAM ADDED );;;; We never even got a bite on cut bait!!!

Cats are feeding on clams 4 to 10 ft. of water .....

CAPT. TOM GREGORY ..... You can find me at ... ....


Hello Mark. How is everyone? Have not talk to you in awhile - been fishing everyday since the middle of March. You said you had somthing new for me to try, is it out yet? I have done so good on your products it is unreal. Everyone always buys a bunch of tubs and tubies from the fish camp to take back home to fish their waters. One man used it at pay for fish pond and won $500.00 for the most fish caught and the most pounds cought in a four hour tournament, that's great! I would like to thank you and your father for helping me be a better guide, for over three years now I have not had one single day that my customers have not caught fish. Thanks to Junnie's Cattracker Baits



I wanted to let you know I'm catching fish. I had a party of six on 1-23-99 and the wind was blowing so hard all we could do was stay in the canal. It was white capping in the canal - that's how bad it was - but we still caught twenty two cats. My party had never heard of Junnie's Cat Tracker baiting system, but now they know! When I give fishing reports I always promote Junnie's. It is by far the best ever! Check out or my web page at I do weekly reports on both sites guest books.

Captain Brad
Santee Cooper
P.S. Janie and I are not at Black's any more. You can find us at Canal Lakes Resort


I met you and Steve Hoffman at Hill's Landing (Santee Cooper S.C.) during the '97 National Catfish Tournament. We happened to be having dinner at the same time as you and Steve. I believe we debated the attributes of your dip baits over fresh cut bait.
Have to say I was way skeptical of you and your foul smelling dips and funny looking little ringed-worms. One of my teammates had bought some of your stuff, but pigheaded me wouldn't even let him open the stuff. He tossed it underneath the seat of my pontoon boat where it stay, unnoticed, for 4 or 5 months. I happened across a magazine article about the second place winners in the '97 tournament. I guess you know what they were using for bait! Then and there, I decided to put your dips to the test. Lake wily, my home lake, is loaded with 3 to 7 lb. channels cats and some pretty good white cats as well.
One morning I put out four rods, 3 with fresh cut shad I just caught and one with your blood dip. Much to my surprise the dip out caught the shad six to one. I finally had to reel in the other three rods because the one with dip bait was keeping me to busy. Then and there, I was a believer. Needless to say dip doesn't always out fish cut bait, but now I keep two rods rigged with egg worms at all times and put at least one out. (Let the fish dictate what they want.) I do make one slight modification in stead of using a treble hook I use a 1\ 0 Eagle claw # 186 bait holder hook. Makes it easier to unhook and release fish faster.

Thanks for providing an out standing product for us diehard Cat men.

If you are ever in this part of the country again, Give me a call and I'll be glad to show you some other fish filled Lakes, South Carolina has to offer. Give my regards to Steve the next time you talk with him.

Best wishes for 1999,

Your fellow Cat-man

Bob Suttles

PS: Killer web site.


I would like to say that your products are some of the best that I have ever used in 26 years. I am always looking forward to your new products and it's always been a pleasure doing business with you fine folks. Your products have helped me and my friends catch more catfish and larger catfish ten fold. Please continue with the great products and service. As long as there's Junnies, I know that I can catch catfish easily.

Thank you,

Steven Michael
15689 Lake Rd. 5
Gardner, Kansas 66030

Dear Cat Tracker Gang,
I happened to find Junnie's Blood Bait at my local convenience store which surprised me because not many folks up here in South Dakota like catfish. If you can believe that, that's O.K. It leaves more for me, I'm a Missouri boy and know what's good!!! Any way I used it as dough bait (I didn't know any better) and I caught so many catfish in two times fishing it was all gone. My son, daughter, and some of their friends had too much fun!!!

So back I go to the store to get some more, this time I had looked your company up on the internet and see that there's these here funky worms your supposed to use? They just happened to have two orange egg worms in the back and a tub of the Sewer bait so I bought it. And so far I have caught 46 lbs. of eating catfish including a 22-lb. channel, and I told the store they better reorder, and fast!!!

Now I've been cat fishing since I was no higher than a truck tire but I have never seen fish jump at the bait the way they do at Junnie's. The fish are hooked, and so am I. I fish in the Big Sioux River Just East of Sioux Falls and I am trying to talk my wife into going camping/fishing on the Missouri as soon as I can get some more Junnie's!!!

Randy Menefee
Catfish Crazy in South Dakota!!!

P.S. Just one small thing: The Knots on both my egg worm hooks were not tied very well. The first one came off when unhooking the first fish I caught, a 2 1/2 channel in about 2 minutes. And when I checked the other one, it came off with a sharp tug. The egg worms were in their original packaging.

Hey Mark,
Just wanted to get with you. I gave my only catalog to the owners of a pay-lake that is stocked with catfish. ( I take my 80+ yr. old great uncle there because it's his favorite place to go) Anyway, the same story. Out of about a dozen people I saw we were the only ones to catch anything. My 6yr old caught his biggest cat yet, a 6lb 14oz channel. I hope that they start carrying your products.

Would you mind if I tried to get some bait/tackle shops to carry your goods? I have gotten such a strong response from the people that I have given my bait to that I feel that I may be able to convince one or two of them to begin stocking it. I didn't think that you would mind, but I would like to hear from you before doing so. I don't want to step on anyone's toes.

I will soon be placing an order for about 8 people. Bait and worms both. This stuff is great, thanks for the great fishing.

Kevin Anderson
Battle Ground, Indiana

Hey Warren,
Couldn't wait to try the pole snatcher you gave me, as well as the Junnie's shrimp and sewer I bought at McCoy's. I took my 6yr old and my 7yr old. We hardly had time to relax!! We had a hit within the first 3-5 minutes a line would hit the water. There were about 20 other fishermen (and women) along the river also. We kept hitting 1-3 lb. channels while we never saw anyone else catch anything but a couple of small crappie and shad. This stuff is great. Oh, while on the river the two days after being with you, we did okay. Ethan even caught a 12 -13 inch white bass on Junnie's. I am going to a private pond on Monday with my great uncle who fishes exclusively for channel cats and exclusively on this pond. He said that the fishing has been terrible there lately. I'll let you know how Junnie's does.

Talk to you later,
Kevin Anderson
Battle Ground, Indiana

Catcha Later, Warren

As you know, we got off to a slow start with Junnies CatTracker baits. No one around here had ever heard of it and thinking it was like most other dip baits - they were reluctant to try it. The first sale is the hard one.

After that, it sells itself. Every one who has purchased this product has come back for more.

A customer came in a few days ago to replentish his supply and said he went to Barkley Lake and was bank fishing near some others who had rods lined up and down the bank. They asked him why he was only using one rod. He told them one was all he could handle with the bait he was using. He said the others caught a few small cats and he caught a stringer full of 3 to 5 lb. fish. He brought some photos by to show me.

My son and I have almost given up bass fishing since we got turned on to Junnies Sewer Bait. We usually go down to the lake 2 or 3 times a week for a couple of hours and catch a stringer full of channels and blues. We have a freezer full of fillets and our neighbors are also eating pretty good lately.

Let me know when the new style worms are available. You will be getting another order from me real soon.

Mark McCoy
McCoy's Market

July 14, 1998
Dear Cat Tracker:
Junnie's dip baits work as well on the Tennessee River and Kentucky Lake as do traditional baits such as liver and skipjack.

We caught 19 Sunday morning, more than half on your baits and the larger fish hit on your Sewer Supreme and Pole Snatcher.

Be sure and contact me when the Tubie 2000s are ready.

Mike Miller
Troy, TN

July 5, 1998
"I just received some of your Almost Illegal Shrimp Bait and decided to give it a shot this 4th of July weekend. I primarily fish a small, city-owned lake. I've been fishing there for about three years now. While I have caught some nice channel cats (7-9 lbs), my typical catch is only in the 2 pound range. Until now........

I had been using dough bait and decided to try your dip bait and worms. WOW! I caught more and BIGGER fish. I caught more fish in the 4 to 5 pound range in one morning than I have in the past three years!!! One fish was so big that it jerked the rod out of the holder and dragged it into the lake. I swam after the rod and retrieved it, but the fish was just too big for me to even turn around. Eventually, the line broke. It was then that I realized I was going to need a bigger rod!!!

Later that afternoon I headed to my local sports shop and bought a more heavy duty rod and reel. It's a good thing, 'cause I went back to the lake again this morning and caught another stringer full!!!

The three guys next to me went home empty-handed!!!

I have just ordered a case of the Almost Illegal Shrimp Bait. I just wish you guys wouldn't make your packaging so colorful. Now everybody is going to know what I am fishing with and the secret will be out!!!!

Maybe I could keep it in a plain brown bag...........

Bill Morrison
Raleigh, NC
"your newest customer for life"

May 26, 1998
"Hey Mark,
I've been meaning to write you ever since my first trip out using your bait. I'm glad I waited until after Memorial Day Weekend.

I first noticed Junnie's on the net about 1 1/2 years ago. My first thought was...just another gimmic dip bait. Then I met Warren Byrd (Fishing Guide in Dover, TN). Man did he prove me wrong. We caught a mess of Blues & Channels on Pole Snatcher. But, since Warren's known as a pretty good guide around these parts, I was still unconvinced. That was until I fished one afternoon at the steam plant on Old hickory Lake, TN. We watched people come and go with empty stringers while we were needing our second one. But That' s just one story. Since, my Trip with Warren I have used just about every "flavor", and caught so many fish that I can't really say which one I like best.

Then came Memorial day. I was somehow convinced that Junnie's needed running water...Wrong!

Being unfamiliar with the cat population in Barren lake, we hung yo-yo's around the lake baited with shad, liver, shiners, shad name it. Everything but Junnie's. After a real slow morning of checking bait I decided to try a Junnie's eggworm with shrimp flavor. We never got to put a pole in the water! But, we did put over a hundred filets in the freezer. Have you ever tried this?

Moral: When in still water, try junnie's on a yo-yo.

Oh and also, we eventually ran out of shrimp problem...the cats liked the other flavors too. I'll be calling tomorrow to replenish my stock.

Thanks to Junnie's, this novice feels like a Pro,
Ron Harbin

p.s. If it hadn't been for Warren Byrd's Guide Service, I probably never would have tried your product. So, let's thank him too..rh

"Do you have a mail-order catalog that you could send us? We have tried your bait and are super impressed! We even caught a 4 lb. catfish on a leaf, smeared with your paste bait!! (We lost our egg worms...the fish were so big they broke the line!) This stuff is amazing, but our parents will not let us order off the Internet. Please help...we have to get more of this bait!!!"
Mike Bass

Thanks Mike for the fine letter. We hope your parents aren't worried about the security of purchasing from our Internet site (probably not).

But for those who are... two words: SECURED SITE. We are proud of our affiliation with Woodward InterNet Services and their state of the art network security. We are sending you a catalog immediately, Mike, and pass this information along to your parents. ŒCat Tracker Webmaster

Dear Cat Tracker,
Here are some pictures of fish caught with your product, while fishing with Joe Drose of (Joes guide service.) Joe took us out catfishing and we saw this goop in a tub, we both thought it was axle grease. Boy we were wrong! I would have never believed this bait would of ever worked. It made a firm believer out of me, I will be a great source of advertisement for your company. We used it at our fishing hole on Sunday and filled up the live well in my boat. ( Large ones too!)

Thanks again, to Cat Tracker & Joe Drose. For showing us this baiting system.

Kenneth Hutchins.

Gene Flynn's
Professional charter and Booking Service, on Lake Marian, Lake Moltrie, and the Cooper River. Specializing in Catfish, Stripers, Crappie and Largemouth.

For Information or Reservations call: 1-800-5-FLYNNS (1-800-535-9667)

I want you to know what and how I feel about Cat Tracker Bait. I'm an old, fifty years and more, fisherman. I have used many lures and baits, but this Junnie's Cat Tracker is unbelievable. In the month of October, 1997 I caught over (400 ) Catfish. I fish in a tidal river, caught fish on outgoing tides as well as incoming.

At first I didn't believe; although now I do. ( You can teach an old fisherman new tricks.) I had a friend of mine time my reaction time, once the bait hit bottom, 9 to 10 seconds later fish was on.

Not only did I do this once but many time after. A large number of my friends are now believers. Keep up the good work.
My best odors are Shrimp and Sewer Bait. My fish averaged 18" to 29".
For more information on guided trips, follow this link!
Flynn's Charter and booking service.

Joe's Guide Service.
640 Colt Drive, Cross, S.C. 29436.


Catfish guide Joe Drose shown on (left)
with the Cat fishing Queen of Santee
Cooper! Center and right, another
successful guide trip.

On October 15, 1949. My father moved to Santee Cooper, South Carolina. He invested in to a boat landing business on Whyboo Creek, off of Lake Marian. I was just twelve years of age. I went on to finish school and served four years in the Navy. All the time of my absence, I longed for the lake. I worked different jobs here and there, always returning to the lake and it's fishery. I finally accepted the fact that true wealth is happiness and fishing is my wealth. I realized I could not live on fishing alone, so I opened a guide service. ( Joe's Guide Service). You expected another name! Any-who, I guided for Stripers until around the mid 80's. Then there it was written right on the lake itself, Catfish, Catfish, Catfish. I have been very successful with my business, using conventional baits, (Shad, Herring, Menhaden, White perch, Ect.)

In January of 1996 I received a phone call from a Mark Mihalakis of ( Junnie's Cat Tracker Bait Co.) To my surprise he asks me if I would guide him and a camera crew on Santee Cooper for Catfish ( The Adventures of Kastaway Kulis) to show on the Out Door Channel. Junnie's Cat Tracker is a commercial bait company out of Dubuque, Iowa. In my 40+ years of fishing and 18+ years of guiding for the Catfish, I have used many different types of commercial baits without success leaving me with no faith what so ever.

Just prior to the 14th of May 1997n the day of the shoot, was not a pretty site, the fish were not biting. Myself and the rest of the guides on the lake were coming in with 3 to 4 fish per day, a great day 6 to 8 in the boat. Any- who, the morning of the shoot I had been informed that all we would be using was Junnie's Cat Tracker Baits. My heart sunk! The chance of a life time (Joe's Guide service) on National Television program), and we were going to use only stink bait. ( Can you imagine my thoughts), these people are crazy, they must of fell over board one too many times. So we loaded everything up and away we went. Our first stop the diversion canal; although due to recent rains the water was racing through the canal, like a gaiter after crossing white tail deer. We anchored and Mark showed us how to mix and use the Cat Tracker Baits. To my surprise we caught several fish, but there was just too much current for a pontoon. So I told to Mark "I know a place were we just might catch a few fish". So we poled anchors and away we went, got setup at our new hole and as soon as we baited and threw out the poles we had fish on ( I remember looking at my watch 51 seconds and there was a fish on, within the next 3 hr. we had boated over 40 fish not including the bites and misses from joking around and laughing. Channel Cats all 4 to 12 lb range. I learned a lesson I will never forget.

During the next 2.5 months my parties, using Junnie's Cat Tracker Bait Systems boated over 2000 Catfish, Arkansas Blue and Channel Catfish. I am now one of the strongest believers in the Cat Tracker Bait system in my state. If you would like to catch Catfish, and possibly catch the monster you've always dreamed of then give me a call. 1-800-858-7018. Joe's Guide Service, 640 Colt Drive, Cross, South Carolina 29436.
Thank you, Cat Tracker.

For more information on guided trips, follow this link! Joe's guide service, Trophy Cats!

Cats 'N Stripers Guide Service.
Bob Winters

P.O. Box 297 Cross S.C. 29436



14 fish caught, all
Arkansas Blue Cat.
32 lber, 29 lber caught on
8/16/97 Santee
Cooper, S.C.
24 fish caught,20 Arkansas
Blue Cat and 4 Channel
Catfish, Largest fish that trip
- 17 lb Arkansas Blue.
13 fish caught,
12 Arkansas Blue Cat,28
lber and an accident,
small flathead 8 lb.


I have been a professional Cat fisherman for over 17yrs, and firmly convinced that the only way to catch catfish regularly and in numbers was to use live, frozen or fresh cut bait. When the folks from Junnie's came to Santee Cooper, I really felt that they were wasting their time, money and effort. I saw wrong. To say I was skeptical about unnatural bait of any kind was an understatement. I was reluctant to even give the CatTracker products a try! even after the first time I used it, I was not impressed with "the bait". However for some unknown reason, I tried it again! And had some success, the more I fished with it, the more impressed I became. Within two weeks of my initial attempt, I recorded catches of over (40) fish per day. I am truly glad I stuck with the bait. And my customers are happy too.

I attribute my success in using the bait to two things. First, learning how to properly prepare and use the product. And second, as my confidence grew I developed more of a style of fishing with "the bait". Sticking with it, larger and almost with out fail I can catch fish, in good numbers at some point of the day. (I think these pictures speak for themselves!!!)

I whole heartedly endorse CatTracker baits and their system! (IT CATCHES FISH!)

Thanks for everything,

For more information on guided trips, follow this link! Bobs Guide service, Trophy Cats!

Check back for more letters and photo's as they come in!

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